Fresh Raw Applesauce


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I have not been a lifelong supporter of applesauce.

At a young age I showed great sensitivity to textures.The first “solid” food placed in my mouth as a baby was a piece of banana. I refused to retract my tongue. Instead I sat there, tongue extended, banana precariously balanced, looking confused and displeased at this thing that was happening entirely without my consent. This has been my relationship with bananas, and other mushy slimy textured things (LOOKING AT YOU, AVOCADOS) ever since. Applesauce, for a long time, resided in my Food Hall Of Shame alongside bananas. There would be no BRAT diet for my winter cold, thankyouverymuch.


But when allergies come into your life, a few things can happen that wipe away some of your previous food preferences –

1) You realize that you feel really, really dumb voluntarily going without a food just because it was weird That One Time You Tried It when you were 8.

2) You realize that specific food serves as an Important Substitute in the allergy world, so you better just buckle down and fake it ’til you make it.

3) Your poor deprived brain starts shooting off random cravings for things you don’t even like, once it realizes you’re not giving into its normal Pizza Craving, Doughnut Craving, Ice Cream Craving, or Doritos Craving. I have had the weirdest cravings the last year or so, since my brain finally gave up. I have wandered restlessly around, irritable, as though full of pregnancy rage, because my mouth desires CHICKPEAS but the chickpeas are GONE and NOTHING ELSE WILL DO.


All those three things happened to me regarding applesauce. Now, I really love it. I can even eat it cold, and eating things cold with a spoon reeeeally grosses me out any other time.

Those three things did NOT change my feelings toward bananas and avocado, which leads me to believe I was simply born to hate them. It is my place in the world. Someone, somewhere, has to do it.


Apples are a great source of quercetin, a component that helps calm allergic reactions. On days I’ve accidentally stepped in it allergy wise, part of my recovery practice is to eat an apple or shovel down some of this delicious raw applesauce to combat the coming pain.
Raw applesauce is also great with my Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie recipe!


Let me know your weird taste or texture aversion, or tell your intense craving story in the comments below!

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Fresh Raw Applesauce

Sugar-free, Corn-free-possible. Clearly gluten, egg, dairy, nut, etc. etc. free. 

Makes roughly 1 1/2 cups applesauce


  • 3 medium-large organic apples (any kind will do – I prefer Galas or Fujis)
  • Optional – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, or cardamom


  1. (Optional) Peel apples.
  2. Core apples and chop into pieces (no more than two inches in size, so as to avoid gumming up the blades of your blender)
  3. Dump apples into blender, and blend on low until most of the large chunks are broken down. Increase speed to medium or high, depending on your blender. Keep processing until you reach desired texture (I like the stage right before everything turns completely smooth – tiny, uniform lump textures. I’m making this sound very appealing, aren’t I?)
    *Note here that your applesauce will begin to brown. This is just the oxidation process, and is normal. 
  4. Pour into “storage” container. Devour.


Allergy Notes

Corn AllergiesYou will probably want to peel your apples, even if they are organic, unless you picked them out of your own apple tree and can guarantee nobody doused them in plant-based wax on their way to your kitchen (In which case who are you? Where do you live? Can I buy your quaint little house with the fruit trees out  back?) Plant-based waxes are always full of corn derivatives, and cause many corn allergics to react. Peeling is a safer way to go, though it is important to note that NOT ALL CORN ALLERGICS ARE SAFE EVEN WHEN ORGANIC PRODUCE IS PEELED. You and your allergy are unique. Use safe-for-you-ingredients. Be cautious, remain alive. 

Stay safe, allergy friends!